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Welcome to robotfiction.com!

With this passion project, I’m going to attempt to take a swing at the problem of getting computers to generate engaging fiction that people enjoy reading.

My goal with this project is to generate stories that, while not on par with human fiction, will be interesting and engaging enough that humans will enjoy reading them. My intent isn’t to spit out random gibberish that people search for hidden meaning in, or else have a bunch of stock templates where I fill in the blanks. Rather, I want to use real AI to generate characters, locations, personalities, plot lines, and so forth to produce a result that I can’t predict in advance and which will surprise and delight me, and hopefully others.

What’s the current state of the art (as of January 23, 2015)? It’s pretty dismal. That said, I’m fascinated by this problem and its possibilities. Here’s a quick recap with some of the top results of a Google search for “computer generated fiction”:

This website will record my musings, research and results, be a gathering-place for like-minded people, and will also offer premium content to support my spending time on this. I’ll try to offer up concrete results as frequently as possible.

Enjoy, explore and be sure to say Hi!

Mohan Embar


2 thoughts on “Welcome & Intro”

  1. This project seems interesting. I too have a passion project I’m trying to work through and I suspect the seed was planted was planted many years ago when I first played with Eliza on an XT computer. OMG! that systems so long ago.

    More recently I stumbled upon A.L.I.C.E and are now looking into your work for inspiration.

    I’ll be checking back regularly, looking for snippets of progress.

    1. Hi Hammo – thanks for your nice words and good luck with your passion project! I was on a hiatus but I’m planning on starting this up really soon.

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