Next Assignment: Animals

OK – here’s my next assignment. We’re going to start small, with children’s stories. I think I have a good handle on how to write a decent children’s story myself.

We’ll start the attack like this:

  • Gather a list of common animals. (Done)
  • Come up with a way to generate cute prefixes for the names of these animals in English (Janga Jackal, Kiminy Kangaroo, or something like that – no idea how I’m going to do this).
  • Handcode some basic knowledge about each of the animals in this list that will give rise to goals that a given animal would want to accomplish within a story (a mole wants dark and to burrow, a cat wants to chase things).

After the above, I’ll figure out what to do next.

Story = Theorem

One of my goals of this project is to have a story be spit out in the same way a theorem is proved or a the next move of a chess game is computed by searching lots of possibilities. There’s also an element of probability that needs to come in to play too, of course. (If everything were 100% deterministic, you’d get the same story each time.)

Here are a couple of resources I found that might help in modeling all of this. I’m not sure whether they’re too low-level for what I’m trying to accomplish, though:

Personality Types

I think the next step after random name generation is assigning a personality type to each of the generated characters. I’ve found this, which appears to be a good start:

Hopefully I won’t run afoul of any copyright laws using this internally.

Once a personality type is assigned, then different world events can trigger different reactions based on personality type. Also, a character needs to have goals which are consistent with their personality type. Not sure how I’m going to do this yet.